The Flâneur

I have a small backlog of creative output to post, so I’ll probably be interspersing such things with more current endeavors.

I made this quick sketch on my iPad on a plane from San Francisco to Hong Kong around February 2012 (one of many of those flights). I think I used Adobe Ideas, but I don’t quite remember.

I was still thinking about the NY Times article “Death of the Cyber-Flaneur” ( from which I learned of the Flaneur concept (see alsoâneur). I liked the idea of seeing someone walking a turtle through the streets , so I superimposed my little Flâneur dude on a diagram of San Francisco.

As part of my summer architecture program at UC Berkeley, we discussed a related concept, the dérive — basically an experiential walk through a city. ( I love traveling and wondering around so maybe I’ll revisit this topic later.