Fish-heads, Fish-heads, Roly poly Fish-heads


Fish-heads, Fish-heads, eat ’em up yum!

More backlogged output to share…

I took this class at Kala Institute called “123 Contact” in the Night School series (see on January 8 & 10, 2013. Night School is a series of bite-sized art classes at Kala intended to provide inspiration/processes and to get people off their butt and making stuff. 1-2-3 Contact was a takeoff of “3-2-1 Contact” and used science and scientific drawing etc. as inspiration. Hence the roly-poly fish-heads. Eat ’em up, yum!

The fish print was done by covering the fish in oil (ew) and pressing it onto the paper. Then, we sprinkled chocolate onto it which ended up sticking to the oil.