Tamalpa Life/Art Process Drawing

This past weekend I attended a workshop at Yoga Loft in SF by Daria Halprin of the Tamalpa Institute (http://www.tamalpa.org) on Movement and the Life/Art Process. The workshop used movement,drawing, and words to explore embodied awareness and tap into the intelligence of my body.

This drawing was the result of a movement/drawing/sharing exercise in which we were instructed to move in such a way as to explore the question “Where am I physically, emotionally, mentally in my life right now?”. The image of the bird shot with an arrow appeared in my head immediately at the end of the movement exercise, and I drew it almost immediately. Then, we got in groups of three and held our own drawing while another member of the group explored it through movement. It was much more difficult for me to hold this up and watch someone dance my drawing than it was for me to dance someone else’s drawing, despite my aversion to dance. After we watched others dance our drawing, we were then instructed to dance our own drawing.

This was a very special experience for me because I think it was the first time in my life that I’ve ever been referred to as “graceful”.