No Day But To-day

Last night, I saw Rent at the Altarena Theater in Alameda, and it reminded me of this piece I did as part of the Monoprinting and Pop-up Engineering class I took at Kala Institute ( with Michelle Wilson. The class was pretty awesome and fun, though I wish I had thought a bit about what I would have liked to make ahead of time. At any rate, I kind of like the piece anyway and I framed it. There’s a picture of it in progress as well as framed.  The phrase “No Day But To-day” is a refrain from several songs in Rent, with the hyphen emphasizing the rhythm of how it is sung.  The rhinoceros is one of the totem animals I have adopted for myself over the years.



A Really Big Mug?

A new pot, fresh off the wheel. I’m not sure whether it’s a flat bottomed bowl or a really big mug. I guess I’ll figure it out after I fire the thing.  Assuming I don’t turn it into a flower pot when I trim the thing….

Stay tuned for more pottery action… I actually get to glaze my first pieces this week! woot!

Tamalpa Life/Art Process Drawing

This past weekend I attended a workshop at Yoga Loft in SF by Daria Halprin of the Tamalpa Institute ( on Movement and the Life/Art Process. The workshop used movement,drawing, and words to explore embodied awareness and tap into the intelligence of my body.

This drawing was the result of a movement/drawing/sharing exercise in which we were instructed to move in such a way as to explore the question “Where am I physically, emotionally, mentally in my life right now?”. The image of the bird shot with an arrow appeared in my head immediately at the end of the movement exercise, and I drew it almost immediately. Then, we got in groups of three and held our own drawing while another member of the group explored it through movement. It was much more difficult for me to hold this up and watch someone dance my drawing than it was for me to dance someone else’s drawing, despite my aversion to dance. After we watched others dance our drawing, we were then instructed to dance our own drawing.

This was a very special experience for me because I think it was the first time in my life that I’ve ever been referred to as “graceful”.

Mushroom Pot


I’ve been taking Wednesday night pottery class at The Potter’s Studio ( and learning to throw pots (and also plates). Unfortunately the first three (which looked more like ash trays) got recycled because they crossed over a month boundary (when they do cleanups of orphaned work) and looked too dry to trim. Boo.

At any rate, this one is I think #8 of my pots… the second one that I threw on my wheel at home. It reminds me of a mushroom a little bit. It’s currently in the greenware phase, just after trimming. I really hope it makes it through it’s journey to glazing, because it might end up being my new chai mug. We’ll see.

Fish-heads, Fish-heads, Roly poly Fish-heads


Fish-heads, Fish-heads, eat ’em up yum!

More backlogged output to share…

I took this class at Kala Institute called “123 Contact” in the Night School series (see on January 8 & 10, 2013. Night School is a series of bite-sized art classes at Kala intended to provide inspiration/processes and to get people off their butt and making stuff. 1-2-3 Contact was a takeoff of “3-2-1 Contact” and used science and scientific drawing etc. as inspiration. Hence the roly-poly fish-heads. Eat ’em up, yum!

The fish print was done by covering the fish in oil (ew) and pressing it onto the paper. Then, we sprinkled chocolate onto it which ended up sticking to the oil.

The Flâneur

I have a small backlog of creative output to post, so I’ll probably be interspersing such things with more current endeavors.

I made this quick sketch on my iPad on a plane from San Francisco to Hong Kong around February 2012 (one of many of those flights). I think I used Adobe Ideas, but I don’t quite remember.

I was still thinking about the NY Times article “Death of the Cyber-Flaneur” ( from which I learned of the Flaneur concept (see alsoâneur). I liked the idea of seeing someone walking a turtle through the streets , so I superimposed my little Flâneur dude on a diagram of San Francisco.

As part of my summer architecture program at UC Berkeley, we discussed a related concept, the dérive — basically an experiential walk through a city. ( I love traveling and wondering around so maybe I’ll revisit this topic later.

Tilden 2/10/2013

I went on a walk in Tilden park ( a couple of weeks ago. I wandered off the trail through a clearing in the direction of the small creek that runs from Jewel Lake. I sat down, pulled out my pencil/charcoal and began to draw the scene in front of me.