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For decades now I’ve been doing my stuff and bracing myself for emails and tweets. I’d spent an entire career conflating preference with criticism. I’ve been holding up tiny articles of clothing to strangers and waiting for the scream. Here’s what my daughter taught me: You can’t win. Everyone sobs it out, puts on their pants, and gets on with their day.

— Bob Sherron, from “My daughter, the user”

I love this quote… to me it’s a reminder to stand by one’s work and to have discernment regarding incoming commentary.


Proximity Sensing Origami Flower

As part of our sponsorship with at my hackerspace, Ace Monster Toys, I came up with this little origami flower that vibrates when someone comes close to it.  It was a quick little project with an Arduino and Bare Conductive paint.  I really am thinking of this as a proof of concept for something that has much larger potential.  I’m imagining a bouquet of these things, or maybe some really large ones.

I’m really behind on my posting, so I’m just going to put a bunch of pictures of things in progress.  When (if?) I get them back safely from glaze firing, then I’ll post them again.

IMG_2898 IMG_2900 These two are of the same bowl.  I did some “chattering” on the bottom when I was trimming to add texture.  This guy was Leslie Happy clay, and is being bisque fired.

IMG_2918 These four include the Blowfish Vase, the Chattered Bowl from above, and my first attempts at a plate and a bowl.  These are in bisque firing now.

IMG_2917 This bowl has been set out to dry.  I attempted to throw an orb, but I’m hella slow so it got kind of floppy before I could finish.  I decided to just roll the rim over and make a bowl.  I trimmed a gouge about 2/3 of the way up to catch some glaze.  I’m thinking yellow salt for this one because it responds to texture so nicely.

IMG_2919 Some more pieces for glazing… this is the “Big Mug?” from before as well as another textured cup that I did.  To interpret my chicken scratch, they are both waxy white on the inside.  The cup is Rutile Blue on the outside.  The Big Mug was dipped in Rutile Blue (top half of the bowl) and Copper Red for the bottom… should come out interesting.

IMG_2906 IMG_2907

I finally got my first pots back from glaze firing.  There was a bit of a mix-up in the glaze lids, but at any rate the two reddish ones were glazed with Copper Red on the outside and Persimmon on the inside.  The other one was Rutile Blue on the outside with Persimmon on the inside.  My dip was way too long (8 seconds) for glaze so thick, so unfortunately I lost some of the texture in the form.  Next time I will use a quicker dip to retain the texture.  The gouged pot and the blue pot are both Berkeley Potter’s Studio special recycled clay.  The Mushroom Pot was Leslie Ceramics’ Happy Clay.

IMG_2902 IMG_2904IMG_2896

A lot of activity with pottery lately… trying to catch up on my posts.  This vase is called the “Blowfish Vase”.  It was made with Leslie Ceramics Happy clay.  Currently it is in the bisque fire stage… I’m still deciding how to glaze it.

When I trimmed the foot, I used a plastic take-out container for soup as a chuck.  It seemed to work pretty well.

A Really Big Mug?

A new pot, fresh off the wheel. I’m not sure whether it’s a flat bottomed bowl or a really big mug. I guess I’ll figure it out after I fire the thing.  Assuming I don’t turn it into a flower pot when I trim the thing….

Stay tuned for more pottery action… I actually get to glaze my first pieces this week! woot!

Mushroom Pot


I’ve been taking Wednesday night pottery class at The Potter’s Studio ( and learning to throw pots (and also plates). Unfortunately the first three (which looked more like ash trays) got recycled because they crossed over a month boundary (when they do cleanups of orphaned work) and looked too dry to trim. Boo.

At any rate, this one is I think #8 of my pots… the second one that I threw on my wheel at home. It reminds me of a mushroom a little bit. It’s currently in the greenware phase, just after trimming. I really hope it makes it through it’s journey to glazing, because it might end up being my new chai mug. We’ll see.